NEW YORK AND HOUSTON – March 14, 2022: Glenfarne Group, LLC (“Glenfarne”), owner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) permitted Magnolia LNG and Texas LNG facilities, supports the collaboration of the world’s political and business leaders to create a global infrastructure strategy to ensure the world’s energy security in Europe and emerging markets, while accelerating a reliable path forward for the energy transition.

Recent events in Europe stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis have demonstrated the critical nature of global energy security. Glenfarne reiterates its support for Ukraine and its people and is stepping up its commitment by accelerating efforts to deliver responsibly sourced, environmentally sensible U.S. liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) to commercial partners in Europe.

“At Glenfarne, we believe the world won’t have an accelerated energy transition without energy security. Energy security is therefore a key factor in mitigating the impacts of climate change as well as enhancing the prosperity of economies globally. Governments, development and infrastructure banks, and energy companies need to work together to ensure that no war, conflict, or other threat leaves a continent and the rest of the world at risk of unstable energy supply,” said Brendan Duval, Founder and CEO of Glenfarne Group, LLC.

Vlad Bluzer, Managing Director of Magnolia LNG and Texas LNG, said, “As a Ukrainian, it pains me to see the invasion of a peaceful European nation and disruption of the lives of so many people. I am grateful to be part of the solution helping the European continent achieve energy independence for decades to come by facilitating long term deliveries of responsibly sourced U.S. LNG. These deliveries of LNG can fortify the European continent’s energy stability, and incentivize like-minded governments, banks, and global corporate citizens to invest together to ensure energy security and hasten the energy transition.”

Glenfarne’s FID on its LNG facilities will introduce new LNG capacity into the global market at a time when significant volumes are needed to shore up the increased demand from Europe and Asia. With both LNG facilities, together with its existing grid stability, renewables, and other natural gas infrastructure assets, Glenfarne is committed to energy transition investment that helps grow economies throughout the world.