What We Do

Since we founded Glenfarne Group in 2011, we have been dedicated to leading the global energy transition, supporting widespread access to sustainable, low cost and clean power around the world. More than just a capital investor, we provide strategic, technical, operational, and administrative expertise to each of our assets on a board level and on a day-to-day management basis.

Full-Service Capabilities

We target a variety of sectors including power, alternative energy, and utility infrastructure, with the majority of our assets concentrated in the energy transition space.

Through our dedicated team of industry experts, we are able to identify, structure and close unique acquisition opportunities and subsequently scale these portfolios into large successful businesses, providing the next generation with a more sustainable energy future.

Our portfolio comprises several power and infrastructure subsectors, including backup power, hydropower, solar power, renewables and others across North and South America and Asia.

Investment Strategy

We are committed to a lower carbon world and to help growing economies meet increasing power and energy demands, by bringing forward-looking technology and infrastructure grid stability to these overlooked and underdeveloped markets.

We focus our development efforts on countries that have strong macroeconomic fundamentals, political stability, regulatory transparency and business-friendly policies, partnering with a range of debt, equity and hybrid investors, both public and private, and lenders to make our vision a reality.